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Soft Water Benefits

Compatible with all traditional water softeners, our full line of water softener salts helps homes operate more efficiently and effectively.


Keeps dishes clean and free of spots by removing mineral deposits in water

Gentler on your family's skin and hair

Prevents mineral deposits in ice makers and extends appliance life

Prevents hard water build-up that can affect taste or appliance performance

Helps prevent unsightly hard water stains

Prevents scale build-up which increases water flow

Clean, effective water flow helps your home run efficently

Helps all brands and makes of water conditioners work at peak performance

Saves money by reducing repairs and maintenance on water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines

Inhibits soap water build-up and hard water tub rings

Inhibits hard water build-up for spot-free dishes and longer appliance life

Helps clothing retain color and brightness

Improves washer efficiency and extends appliance life

Prevents scaling and keeps fixtures free of mineral build-up